Why do I not have contact with a physician during the mammogram?

Created: 20.06.2016
Updated: 22.03.2018

X-rays are typically taken by x-ray technicians, not a physician. These later evaluate the x-ray images. This also applies to the Mammography Screening Program.

If a woman is asked to return for a follow-up examination through the mammography screening, the examination will of course be performed by a screening physician.

A woman is also entitled to an "information consultation" with a screening physician prior to her mammogram. During this consultation there is the opportunity to find out more about the program and the benefits and drawbacks of breast cancer screening in addition to the information in the mammography screening brochure included with the invitation. If you're interested in an information consultation, you will need to schedule a separate appointment with the main office who sent your invitation for the examination.

This consultation is not a substitute for a personal consultation with your treating gynaecologist specialising in cancer screening, who will also be able to discuss personal risk factors with you of developing breast cancer.


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