What if I have a fibroadenoma, cysts or calcifications? Will the examination through the Mammography Screening Program take this into consideration?

Created: 21.06.2016
Updated: 22.03.2018

Yes, participants in the Mammography Screening Program are asked to complete a form after checking in with the receptionist at the Screening Centre. Among other things, this form is intended to collect personal information and enquire about possible pre-existing conditions and family history.

If you have any breast conditions - such as a fibroadenoma or calcifications – you should list prior imaging and prior biopsies, if necessary, in the medical history form. You may also bring the relevant mammogram images or findings to your examination. During further screening examinations these mammogram images will be compared with the screening images of the breast. If there are no new abnormalities, no further examinations will be carried out for clarification.

Please don't be surprised if benign conditions are not specifically listed in the physician's report. This is for a reason, since the Mammography Screening Program is for the purpose of detecting malignant conditions early. The regular mammography screening every two years will also monitor these benign conditions.


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