How did you receive information about me?

Created: 20.06.2016
Updated: 22.03.2018

Handling personal information such as name, date of birth and address is subject to Germany's Data Protection Act. The main offices receive the information for your invitation to the Mammography Screening Program examination from official population registers in compliance with the law. The information will only be used for your personal invitation to the Mammography Screening Program. After inviting you to the screening the main office will pseudonymise your personal information until your next invitation in two years.

Only the screening clinics have the medical information from your examination. The screening clinics treat all of your information just as confidential as any other doctor's office. The physicians and the entire staff are under medical confidentiality.

The results of the screening examinations are regularly analysed at a central location. This is important in order to be able to monitor the quality of the breast cancer screening program. Personal information such as name and address are not necessary for this analysis and are not disclosed. Therefore this information and the analyses do not point to a specific woman.


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